Shamanic Cranio Healing


A Shamanic Cranio Healing integrates Western Bodywork, Craniosacral Therapy and Shamanic Healing. It is a very gentle and deep-working physical-energetic treatment, making it suitable for everyone, even babies and small children.

Through the hands-on & -off approach and the use of, for example, a shamanic drum, the body (or system) is invited into a deep relaxation and the so-called No-Mind state of being. In this state, the so-called self-healing capacity of the body can function optimally, so deep release and healing can occur. A Shamanic Cranio Healing treatment is “creating the right conditions” for this to happen.

Practically meaning that a session is not about searching for whatever is ‘wrong’ or for any underlying trauma. The intention is to address the essence or blueprint, where wholeness is and always has been. And that there is confidence in the system’s (or body’s) own wisdom to ‘do’ exactly what is needed, to discharge or heal blockages that prevent that wholeness from being lived. That sometimes occurs as a very physical-energetic or emotional process, without the necessity to know what it is about. And if something surfaces that apparently still needs awareness, we can ‘work’ with it.

Regardless of the nature of your complaint or question, the session will therefore be completely attuned to you in this moment.


Sessions can be booked in the practice in Galder, but also as a ‘living room’ session near Venray.

There is also often room to receive a session at the locations where training, courses and workshops are given.

Or I come to your house. Because I am on the road a lot, it is usually easy to schedule and the ‘call-out’ costs remain fairly low.

Ask for the possibilities…

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