Courses & Workshops

HeelSaam EssenceSchool offers seminars in the field of Shamanic Cranio Healing. The focus is not training or educating, but guiding to DIS-COVER the inner healer.

Dis-covering the healer is about finding your own path with the talents, aptitudes and gifts you already have. To start living your ‘purpose’ and instead of learning ‘how something should be done’, find out what suits you. So what’s in you can be expressed in its own way.

The idea in our society is that in order to become something, we mainly have to do. And above all, have to work and study hard for it. But you’re already something! As you yourself are unique, what you bring is unique. And it’s about bringing that essence of who you are into the world.

The Essenceschool can be a good start or continuation of this journey of discovery. After the first 3 foundational seminars (mainly basic Cranio Sacral Work) a menu of seminars will be offered from which you can choose. These can contain more Cranio Work, but also be combined with sounds (overtones), shamanism or yoga-related bodywork. More about this later on the website, but feel free to contact if you want to know more now.

Apart from the seminars, there are regular different events and workshops. These are always aimed at awareness and personal development, both physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Sometimes a bit more of one or the other, but usually a mix…