“The impact of stress”

Since a few years there’s been an urge to write about what I often explain to clients and students in my sessions and seminars about the impact of stress on our system,  our body and even sometimes, our whole life.

Whenever I talk about intense events or situations that can happen to us in life, I notice that most people know how the impact of these can create trauma and how this can show up as, not only psychological, but also physical issues. Often however, there is less awareness about the sometimes-subtle physical discomfort that can remain after events like birth, taking a fall, an accident or surgery.and can cause a traumatic condition as well,

There is still so much (collective) ignorance about this, causing unnecessary suffering. So the reason for writing this book is to bring more awareness about this topic and how sometimes even a single cranio session can change so much in someone’s life.. Especially for the babies and kids!

In this book I highlight how physical discomfort can play a big role in the continued existing of a high stress circle or survival mode and how our system can stay stuck in a traumatic state of being.

I started writing last year and I am well on my way! At the same time I realize that it takes a lot of time to keep writing, next to my other activities. Furthermore, there will be future costs to publish this book. That’s why I let myself be persuaded to ask for some help in this process.

Do you want to help me to create more time to materialize this book, by supporting me with a donation? You have my eternal gratitude, also on behalf of all the babies, children and adults that will be helped by this information, which might be you yourself!.