Shamanic Cranio Basics I

Basic I Techniques

Immerse fully into the world of soft touch and deep healing! Four intense days of giving, receiving, and sharing that will bring you closer to your true inner healer…

During this Shamanic Cranio Healing Basics I seminar, you will learn a number of foundational craniosacral techniques. You can apply these immediately give a full (relaxation) session or integrate them easily into your current bodywork practices.

Shamanic Cranio Healing puts emphasis on the practitioner’s ‘being’ instead of ‘doing’. Entering the state of the ‘Quiet Mind’ through meditation and Shamanic Journeying, we invite/activate healing energies to ‘work’ through us. Combined with the techniques this allows deeply healing physical-energetic sessions to occur.

Basics I is mainly a lot of hands-on practice, supported with basic foundational theory. Subsequently you can register for Basics II which together gives you a strong foundation for physical-energetic healing work.

You will receive personal attention and intensive guidance from Josine, who shares her knowledge and experience, along with additional support from an assistant.

This program is accessible for everyone!

Seminars are also taught in the form of a 4 day retreat. Or even as a 3-day intensive which includes 2 days of evening classes. This is most often offered as an all-inclusive, with meals and accommodation at the location. It is definitely recommended to stay overnight at the 3-day, because of the first two long days.


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Soft touch, deep healing