Shamanic Cranio Basics II

Basic II Techniques & Energetics

Another immersion in the world of craniosacral with a considerable deepening and expansion of techniques. And so perhaps an even more intensive 4-day than the first seminar.

In addition to the techniques, the emphasis will mainly be on learning to sense and recognize the (life) rhythms and energies in a healing session. Basics II is therefore a nice ‘bridge’ to the biodynamic approach in the third seminar.

Just like in Basics I, it is mainly practical with a lot of exercising, ¬†giving and receiving sessions, supported by the necessary theory. And again a lot of attention for the further development of one’s own meditative ‘Quiet Mind’ with Shamanic Jouneys.

Together with Basics I, this is your foundation for Shamanic Cranio Healing and important to get ‘the hang of it’. After Basics III you will increasingly discover your own unique form of healing.

Basics II is also offered sometimes as a short retreat. In 4 days or even as a 3-day Intensive.
This is usually all-inclusive, with meals and accommodation at the location. Definitely recommended to stay overnight at the 3-day, because of the first two long days with lteachings in the evenings

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Soft touch, deep healing